Ibiza is one of the most loved tourist destination in the Mediterranean with an all year round population of just 150,000 people. Over the tourist season it received an extra four million visitors a year - double the number from a decade ago.
This has put an unbearable pressure on the island’s infrastructure, and the island’s environmental health is in serious trouble. Put this into the bigger global picture where we realise that ours seas and oceans are drowning in plastic and we have double trouble.

Every year 8 million tons of plastic ends up in our seas and ocean. It is predicted that by 2050 there will be more tons of plastic than fish in our oceans.

Ibiza is suffering directly at the hands of plastic pollution and Love Ibiza Now exists in part to combat the problem. Encouraging locals, businesses and tourists alike to lead more eco-conscious, sustainable lives, making better plastic-free choices and treading more lightly on our island before it is too late.

We believe that our small island has the spirit, will, attitude and determination that is required to become an example to other islands all over the world. We are building a movement of awareness on the island that unites us with the rest of the world so that collectively our choices can make a positive impact and difference to our planet.