We love Gemma Bowman - Conscious villa living

We have all heard of ‘green’ hotels or eco resorts that are popping up around the world.
Ibiza is slowly getting ready to welcome new greener businesses including holiday rental villas and hotels. We are witnessing a few brave villa owners that have embraced these new lifestyles and set island friendly goals.
So how did they do it?
What made them start the transformation into a greener, healthier homes? 

Gemma Bowman, successful business owner and mother of three smart and incredibly independent kids, welcomed us to her home explaining in detail what’s important to them as a family. 

Property owners who take environmental sustainability seriously are taking the island rentals by storm. 
While the biggest sites like Airbnb and Owners Direct don’t allow you to search by eco-friendly terms (at least not at the moment), they do have sustainable homes listed. 

We are secretly hoping everyone will be looking for an “sustainable holiday house”, or “eco villa” for this summer season in Ibiza!

Press play below to hear Gemma's story...

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Ibiza Wedding owner Villa rental IBIZA
Ibiza Wedding owner Villa rental IBIZA
Ibiza Wedding owner Villa rental IBIZA



Number 1

Install water filtration system. This cuts out all the need for plastic when it comes to your and clients drinking water. There are a lot of new companies in Ibiza who can help. 

Number 2

Look at converting your swimming pool from chemical / chlorine base filtration system to a salt filtration system. 

Number 3 

Make sure there are clear areas around the house where your clients can recycle and compost. Compost is very important for me. Actively encourage clients to recycle, leave them instructions and train your cleaning team to handle recycling correctly.

Number 4 

Get rid of the mini toiletries and use big refillable ones in glass or recycled bottles. 
Toiletries, cleaning products and detergents in our house are 100% bio and organic. I think this is very important for the island and vital when using grey water filtration system. 

Number 5

Save water! Make your clients aware when they check in that Ibiza is a small island. We have limited resources. The water on the island is very precious. We have to use everything with care and a little bit of thought. 
If on check-in you actually have this conversation with people and you add this information to the villa manual you allow them to think a bit more about the choices they make while on holiday. 


You can say hi to Gemma by following the link to her business website HERE.
Photography by Ana Lui
Videography by David Escudero