LIN Confessions - Sarah Drewer talks about her LIN journey

After a few years of living in Ibiza I began to enjoy the simple life. Okay sure my first winter without central heating was a shock but soon I found a rhythm that brought me closer to nature. Putting on another jumper, using less water, living without a bath, shopping locally and having to give up a fierce Amazon delivery addiction, due to not having a functional postal address, got me thinking about my consumer habits.
The words of my grandmother ringing in my ears about my wasteful care-free generation, indulgent and obsessed with convenience. “You use it once and throw it away. It’s not right - it’s lazy”. She was the one who bought me my first OnYa (bag for life bag) over 8 years ago.
Honestly I thought she was mad and was almost embarrassed to use it. Now it lives in my handbag. raggedy, well-loved but most importantly well-used. 


This coincided with a global awakening that I watched unravel on various social media platforms. Frightening footage and statistics being shared about the fragile state of our planet and oceans with the catastrophic realisation that we had almost irreversibly damaged mother earth for good. Thankfully amongst the gloom were chinks of light in practical solutions we could implement in our own lives to live lighter on the planet. Communities were coming together off line to do their bit. Zero waste living and a plastic-free movement were born.
My grandmother scoffs at our shiny new labels. I can see her point but either way we must find a way back to simpler times where we take the emphasis off convenience and re-educate ourselves and society. 

Having been very used to a functional recycling system for all the years I lived in London I kind of assumed that I was doing my bit. The emphasis had always been on the consumer to do the right thing - it never actually occurred to me where my recycling was going, it never bothered me my plastic consumption was going through the roof or if the recycling model could even cope. Now I know it doesn’t stand a chance.
With more plastic than fish in our oceans predicted by 2050 we really are heading up the creek without a paddle. 

So I’m with my grandmother on this. The very best and most efficient housekeeper there ever was. The queen of make do and mend. Let’s listen to that old school advice. Wear clothes longer between washing, carry a shopping bag with you at all times, eat seasonal foods, freeze seasonal foods, buy local, stick a plate over a bowl instead of reaching for the plastic wrap, use vinegar on your windows and baking soda on your carpets. Fix things up and resist the urge to constantly upgrade and update. Teach your kids how to sew and get creative. If you find yourselves in the Chinese shop three times a week then ask yourself what for and get down to the San Jordi market instead. Recycle and borrow toys, swap them amongst friends so kids don’t get bored. Let your kids get bored. Honestly it’s the best thing. Bringing things up to date, make sure you car pool, turn your computer off, unplug your router at night, hoover the back of your fridge, invest in a water filtration system and buy unpackaged produce and goods.

There is something immensely satisfying about buying single ingredients rather than processed foods made of lots of things with unpronounceable names. Zero waste - plastic-free living goes hand in hand with a healthier diet. I now only buy local meat, never processed and as that costs a premium I’ve started eating less meat. It makes sense. These things are ‘circular’. A word we will be hearing more and more of.

I was very happy to bump into Love Ibiza Now on my Instagram feed as an organisation who were clued up and promoting brilliant new ideas about how to live life more consciously, particularly in Ibiza. The brain child of two great women, we are now four great women with a vision and on a mission. At times the road has been rocky. Making U turns at times, the new more ‘environmentally conscious’ world can be misleading and open to abuse. Clever green washing marketing techniques have promoted products that are just as harmful to the environment as plastic. The world of bio-plastics is murky and frustratingly needs unpicking. But we forge ahead, what choice do we have?

Without ego we are always happy to pick ourselves up, connect those who we come across and promote others’ amazing work. We sign-post to some seriously brilliant organisations, businesses, events and suppliers who we think are on the same road that people deserve to know about. We educate and we knock on doors. We help our newly enlightened audience and we walk the path together towards a #plasticfreeibiza. 

To further the work we are now part of an island consortium called Plastic Free Ibiza. A network of all the NGOs and charities who are working in the field. Some serious big hitters with years of experience and some, like us, with great enthusiasm. We are very proud to sit at the same table. It seems though that in this moment we need each other. The impact social media has played can’t be ignored and so the old brigade stands stronger with the new brigade. Finally the world and the island is ready to listen, so let’s make the noise and make it loud.
We so appreciate your support. Please keep spreading the word. On line Like, comment and share and be brave to have those meaningful conversations in the real world.