We love George and Wax Da Jam - 'Conscious Clubbing' in Ibiza

Wax Da Jam has always been a non-corporate people-based event. When the night started back in 2010 it was an intimate underground party. There was never any money in it. The ‘party for everyone’ has also aligned with many charities over the years, and Love Ibiza Now is the latest to share its ethic of preserving the beauty of the islands with clubber and islanders.

We caught up with long time Ibiza resident and curator of the night George (from Nightmares on Wax), to speak about why Love Ibiza Now aligns so well with this mega club night.

What do you love most about Ibiza?

The fact the island gives me space to connect with me and my family. It gives me space to think and to be. I found that hard to find anywhere else in the world.

We know you are very vocal on plastic pollution. Was there a moment when you thought enough is enough, we’ve got to take action now?

It was in Tulum, Mexico four years ago. I was at the Flying Circus New Year’s Eve event. It had been a windy night and the next morning we went down to the beach. It was shocking - a 20 mile stretch of beach just covered in plastic. Plastic from the 70s. I remember thinking this stuff just doesn’t go away. We spoke to business owners there who said they were burying it in the sand because they didn’t know what to do with it.

The band’s new album ‘Shape the Future’ talks about creating a global consciousness so we can effect positive change. How do you think people can best make changes in their day-to-day lives? 

Awareness is everything. People have to become aware that they have a right to how they think. If we own our own thoughts then change is only a thought away. The narrative in the media is all about breeding fear, but when I travelled the world I realised that we all have the same needs. We have to start owning the way we look at things, we have to build this collective consciousness. It’s really hard to make changes sometimes - I know how hard it is to live without plastic but it is possible. I’ve installed a water filtration system at home and I live my life very aware of the plastic all around me. 

You know you insist that Wax Da Jam events are straw free as well as the venues you play at on tour. Why is it so important to you?

Talking about straws is a baby step. Like I said, we’re building a consciousness and it’s a starting point to a bigger conversation. I’d like to see major corporations step up. Waiting for two years for change is a joke and we should start making these changes now. We need to re-educate staff, customers should be asked if they want a straw, it shouldn't be an assumption that a straw goes straight into your drink. 

We’re not sure how you feel about the label ‘conscious clubbing’ but do you think it can take off in Ibiza and what needs to change?

The world is looking to us five months of the year - Ibiza has the biggest clubs in the world, we should be setting an example. The fact that water isn’t free and is served in plastic that isn’t recycled on the island is a major thing. Dehydration is one of the biggest problems on the dance floor, people need a safer way to enjoy themselves. They shouldn't have to buy expensive bottled water and clubs should be able to survive without having to make a profit on it. If you were in Germany for example you’d be given free water when you are clubbing. It makes sense. 

If you could wave a magic wand, what changes would you most like to see? 

I’d like to see more acceptance. Acceptance of different races and cultures. Less about who’s right or wrong. More acceptance would be a nice ingredient for a better world. Shaping the future is about thoughts becoming things. If your thoughts become things, why not choose the good ones?



Catch the live band playing at the next Wax Da Jam on Thursday 16th August at Las Dalias