We Love Lucas - Young Designer Of Our Turtle Tote Bag

When our close friend Gypsy Westwood told us about her son's school project we were so enthusiastic and inspired. Seeing the youngest generation uniting together, sending such an important message, not only to their peers, their parents but also all of us here on the island of Ibiza. It was such a beautiful initiative and we are very proud to have connected with both Lucas and Gypsy on their journey to save our oceans!

We have asked Gypsy to write her story from Mum's point of view and this is what she has shared with LIN few weeks ago: 

"I often get asked during the summer working months ‘what I do in the winter’ and I feel lucky to say that I am a Mum. This is something as a parent living in Ibiza many of us can be grateful for, spending extra quality time bringing up and really connecting with our children.
Lucas goes to an amazing little local school in the center of the island. It is small and like a second family. They really encourage the parents to get involved with classroom activities as much as they can.

Our environment, recycling and now the ever growing global plastic pollution problem are just a few things that I believe are such important issues we need to keep working to change, we still need to teach many adults to make these changes but essentially and importantly the next generation - as I see it we have made the problems but they are the ones who will have to work hard to find the best solutions.

So I decided to do a small project at school with the 7-11 years old. I showed photos (horrendous scary ugly beaches and animals effected by plastic rubbish) and fact and figures to start up a discussion on what and where and how much plastic they use as families at home.
First we made them spend the week jotting down everything that was used at home made form Plastic- from bags to the TVs, just to be aware how much is actually made from Plastic.
A week later this led to discussing what they could eliminate, realistically to make a change. 

Love Ibiza Now has been organising beach clean ups all winter, with this as inspiration and so with the collaboration of the local council and Green Heart Ibiza / Casita Verde we spent the morning as a whole school, 60 kids ages between 3-11, cleaning Portinatx in the north of the island.
It was amazing to see the enthusiasm of even the smallest kids to collect as much as they could. And OH was it dirty!
We had just had some north storms so the beach was washed up with tones of tiny bits of plastic, we only touched the surface and still walked away with crates of garbage!

The last thing we managed to do to carry on the discussion amongst the school kids was produce a cloth bag, in collaboration with LIN, that we could then sell, initially to the parents and families of the school-to raise more awareness amongst our small community and begin to stop the use of single use plastic bags!
We got the kids to design a logo for the print, keeping it simple but meaningful.
LIN (anonymously) chose Lucas's design, which was of course a proud moment, after all the work for both Lucas and I. We sold out the entire first order and have the second lot available on sale now in selected shops in Ibiza, as well as online (follow link to LIN's shop)."

Like Lucas said lets try to make a change and help save our world and its oceans!


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