We love Terra Masia- Ibiza Organic Farm

Terra Masia
Ibiza, Spain


Last week we had an opportunity to visit Terra Masia, the biggest organic farm here on the Island of Ibiza. They have restored the land, and brought an enormous finca back to life. We sat down to chat with Marina Morán Jou, and asked her some questions, scroll down below to read about the great efforts Terra Masia and their growing team have made!

What do you love most about ibiza?

"What I like most about Ibiza is the variety that exists on the island, the opportunities that appear, and the possibility of changing pollution and destruction with conservation methods of the natural environment. On the island there is a higher level of consciousness than in other places, and we have to take advantage of it!"


What made you decide to start Finca Masia? How would you describe what you are doing?

"I started working at Terra Masia, two years ago when the owners of the farm started the project. This farm was an old farm, known because it is the largest area of fruit trees of ibiza, and had been abandoned for many years... Since the owners bought it, it has been two years of hard work, the farm was acquired in poor conditions of plant and soil health. In these years there have been many recovery and maintenance works. We have implemented recovery plans using organic farming methods. And after so much effort, we are seeing very good results."


What have you accomplished in the past 12 months?

"The recovery of the farm. The whole Terra Masía team, starting with the owners, have been actively involved in the recovery, we have worked very hard. We have recovered the health of the trees that where very weak, the fertility of the soil has been recovered by planting vegetal species that nourish the soil. A lot of time and money has been invested in the aesthetic part of the farm, without any construction, simply decoration and incorporation of small materials and elements. The farm has become a pleasant place to visit and meet. There is a lot of vegetal life at farm, we're planting amazing and special vegetables, the animals enjoy organic food, fresh grass and a place to graze. And the whole team is very happy to see these changes in a natural environment as wonderful as the farm."


If you had a magic wand and you could change anything what would you change
(in Ibiza in eco/sustainable terms)?

"I would change the information that reaches people. People are realizing that they need a change. The environment is in danger, day-to-day activities create pollution and make you sick. People need nature. Many people come to the farm asking for this and when they are there they are happy, so they always come back. People need to know that their food is real, children need to know where tomatoes grow from and how important is the work, effort and reward of taking care of the land. We need more and near information about what we eat and the impact it has. More local products and healthy activities. The change begins with oneself."


Who/what is your inspiration?

I come from a family of farmers, my father and my grandparents taught me all... The contact with the earth, the animals, the real food has been present all my life. I studied Environmental Sciences, and I specialized in Organic Agriculture. I've always been clear that the most important thing is to make your life something real and that is achieved by putting your hands on the ground and creating life.



Terra Masia sells seasonal vegetable boxes and fresh eggs from happy hens at the market, on the farm. The market is open Monday to Friday from 8 am-5pm and Saturdays from 9 am-12am.
They offer different vegetables, in many colours and unique shapes.  Their moto is eating vegetables has to be fun, and that organic farming makes a huge difference in the flavour.
They also have the largest area of lemon and orange trees in Ibiza.

Keep an eye out on their social media for the private dining experiences they are hosting at the farm.

All photography by Ana Lui