We Love Beach Cleanups - Obsolete a poem by Ibiza Quills

Our last beach clean up on Talamanca beach fell on Earth Day, on Sunday April 22, 2018. We were so grateful for the amazing turn out, and to all the wonderful people who came to get involved and participate!

Events like these beach clean up's are always so special, because they are open to anyone and everyone. You always end up meeting new people, and learning about other groups, events, and communities here on the Island, while working together to help our Island.

Virgina Fellgood, local poet and founder of the Ibiza Quills , attended the beach clean and became  filled with inspiration to write. She has shared with us her poem, dedicated to Love Ibiza Now, titled Obsolete :

Beach Clean Up Talamanca IBIZA, Nobu Hotel

Wouldn't it be neat, 
If we weren't making everything obsolete,
We are well on the way,
Getting worse every day, some say.

But it is not a given, amongst the living, 
There are many, many of us who are driven.
With passion and love to be giving
care and nurturing to our beautiful home.

As a child of the Earth,
The totality of my and your birth, 
comes with inherent respect of nature and all it begets. 
Including the desire to live life full and without regrets. 

So, reach deep down into your inner self,
Dust your conscience off the shelf,
Learn, grow, believe and act upon
The sweet awareness of a job well done. 

Virginia Feelgood
Nobu Ibiza Beach Clean Talamanca
Talamanca Ibiza Beach Clean up!

This poem holds so much truth. We are happy to see more and more people becoming concious, and making a change,  to do their part to help our island, and our planet.  We hope this poem inspires you to join us and make little changes in your own lifestyle, and day to day.

Ibiza Limpia Love Ibiza Now
Love Ibiza Now Beach Clean Up NOBU IBIZA

Thank you Giada Aline for wonderful photographic reportage of this wonderful event! 
We are so grateful for your support!
Massive thanks for Casita Verde & Ibiza Limpia partnering with us in collecting, segregating and recycling the trash!
Special thank you to Nobu Ibiza Bay Hotel for providing us with plastic-fee snacks, water and lots of smiles!