We love Gypsy Westwood - Running for charity!

Our dear friend, who was born and raised on the white island and happens to be a very talented photographer, told us she has decided to run...
Gypsy Westwood and her friend Anna are training for 12km marathon that will happen on the 7th of April in Santa Eulalia. We are so proud and cheering for the two adventurous Ibiza ladies! 
Gypsy has never run more than 6km and Anna hasn't passed 2km mark but they both feel very strongly about the cause and will push their bodies to the limit in the next few weeks! 
Feeding People Without Judgement - Refugee Community Kitchen started up in 2015 and the charity already has cooked over 1,5 million meals and served half a million tonnes of food at the refugee camps of Calais and Dunkirk. 
Please visit RCK website to read the full story and to support these amazing friends! 

We have asked Gypsy what made her decide to run a marathon and she told us:
"I wanted the challenge. I was an awful runner but after having Lucas (her son) it was a quick way to get out and get exercise."

Gypsy Westwood running for Charity Refugee Community Kitchen

"I enjoy the fact it is out doors, it is 30+mins to reflect and enjoy what is around you.
I suppose it is a kind of meditation. At the moment running through the beautiful ibiza campo is just amazing. After all the rain it is lush and green.
Nothing like the red green and blue. I also like the fact that I have to push myself through the strain and pain but it is this that makes me go further and more."  

"I have never run more than 5 km but since I have been doing this I can see myself getting stronger and parts of the run getting easier. Any hill is a killer though. After last year seeing a few friends do this run I was sure I wanted to try it myself!!
This sort of challenge is a great way to raise money. The Refugee Community Kitchen was started by some friends and they have put their all into it and really made a difference.
They have been cooking hot meals for over 2000 refugees everyday in Calais and Dunkirk. I believe we are one world. We are all humans.
The world is so full of inequality.
If we can make small differences we are doing at least something for humanity."


Please support Gypsy and sponsor her run by donating HERE