We love Nicki Wordsworth - Ecovissa

We meet Nicki Wordsworth, the Founder of Ecovissa, a supplier of eco friendly products and compostable straws in Ibiza.
Her love of the sea takes us to the fishing huts of Sa Punta in Talamanca where we speak about her deep connection to the island and about her need to make a difference if not for herself but also for her family.
Since Ecovissa started in 2016, it has now a list of over 40 clients who now use their products including Experimental Beach, Raco Verd, Olive Tree, Pikes. Blue Marlin, Tropicana, Elements, Babylon Beach...
We watch the sunset, sitting on the rocks, listening to the waves and feel her intense desire to make this beautiful island better for everyone and most of all for the next generations.

Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza

What do you love most about ibiza?

Can’t pick one thing I’m afraid - it being surrounded by the sea, the proximity to nature and the open countryside that my children have grown up in, the feeling of freedom, the clean air, the welcoming people, the relaxed pace of life (maybe not in August!)...

What made you decide to start Ecovissa?

Living in Ibiza in the summer, you see huge amounts of unnecessary waste that the tourists and us residents generate. Multiply that worldwide and we are drowning in a sea of our own plastic pollution - disposable straws, glasses, plates, bags, cigarette butts etc. - none of which will EVER disappear completely. We are poisoning our seas, our wildlife and even ourselves. We thought if we could maybe highlight one little thing to start - plastic straws - and do something practical about it, that would be a step in the right direction. We wanted to make it easy for people and businesses to stop using plastic straws by providing them with suitable alternatives.
The publicity generated also helps to spread the message about the problems with plastics and gives people ideas on how they can make their own changes.

What have you accomplished in the past 12 months?

After a small start in 2016 supplying to a few places who were early adopters of the no-plastic cause such as Experimental Beach, Raco Verd, Olive Tree and Pikes, 2017 has seen lots more people coming on board as the message spreads and people realize how easy and sensible it is to stop using plastic straws. It’s so exciting to think that thanks to our customers making the change to compost, there are several million fewer plastic straws clogging up the oceans and landfills this year. I love going to a bar like Blue Marlin, Tropicana, Elements or Babylon Beach and seeing people enjoying their cocktails but knowing that all those straws are biodegradable. We are now moving into the rest of Europe and have supplied straws to all Experimental Group’s hotels, bars and restaurants in the UK and France as well as other customers in Spain and Italy. Hopefully before too long, it will seem crazy for any company or person to still be using and chucking away straws that will last an eternity.

Who/what is your inspiration? 

For this project, there are two main inspirations. The first was Oceanic.Global, a non-profit organization set up to educate people about the risks to the health of our oceans and seas, with a focus on plastic pollution and over-fishing. We first got involved with them back in 2015 in the planning stages of the huge awareness-raising festival Oceanic x Ibiza staged at Atzaro this summer. This inspired us to do something practical to combat plastic waste and we set up this business. 
My other and main inspiration is my children. I want them to live in a world that is clean and pure, where the water is safe to drink and food is safe to eat. The ongoing destruction of our planet can sometimes seem overwhelming but we can all make small positive changes - refill water bottles, carry your own cutlery for takeaway foods, use reusable straws if you need a straw at all, take your own shopping bags and produce bags to shop so you don’t need plastic ones. Every little helps. 

If you had a magic wand and you could change anything what would you change?

I’d change that we only used plastic items that were essential and that all of those were made from 100% renewable and sustainable plant sources so were not toxic nor depleting our fossil fuel reserves and also make sure they were all 100% compostable so that after use they could be returned to the earth where they came from.
Oh, that and world peace of course ;)

Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza
Ecovissa biodegradable straws Ibiza

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Videography & editing David Escudero
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