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We meet Serena Cook, the CEO of Deliciously Sorted, The Luxury Ibiza Concierge Company, in the heart of Santa Gertrudis village at Bar Costa. Surrounded by the locals sipping their coffees, enjoying sunny November skies, Serena tells us she is packing for London where she lives from mid November till May. 
Her concierge company has successfully operated on the island since 2002 and has created a network of top A-list clients that turn to Serena for her services every time they are visiting the islands. 
Apart from being the most in demand concierge service to the stars, Serena Co-founded the Ibiza Preservation Fund back in 2008 helping to preserve Ibiza and Formentera’s nature, encouraging sustainable initiatives. 
Concerned with the future of the islands that Serena loves so much she decided to take action and give back the love she received from Ibiza over the past 15 years. 
We walk around Santa Gertrudis village, where Serena’s home and office are. Admiring stone walls, rosemary bushes and beautiful orange groves all in the village centre.
We ask her why does she loves Ibiza;

Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted
Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted
Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted Ibiza

What do you love most about Ibiza?

I love Ibiza because it is the precious jewel of the Mediterranean, still incredibly beautiful with a world renowned unique spirit!

What made you decide to start the Ibiza Preservation Fund?

I co-founded the IPF at the end of summer 2008, the purpose of which was to create a medium to protect and encourage the island's sustainability. It was also a way for me give back to the island that I love so much which has without a doubt has given me so much.

What have you accomplished in the past 12 months? 

-        I am really very proud of the seahorse regeneration initiative that we are working on with Biologist Manu San Felix.

-        Partnering with Juan y Andrea to protect the Posidonia meadows is also an ongoing project of great importance. Both initiatives are intrinsically linked because the Posidonia provides a vital habitat for our seahorses.

-        Commissioning a dedicated study on the potential of solar energy on Ibiza and Formentera as well as creating a water alliance to better manage freshwater resources and progress solutions.

-     On an agricultural level and something which continues to be a great source of achievement for the IPF is the almond cracking machine. We have imported the islands only almond cracking machine which enables farmers and locals to bring the almonds in their shells to be cracked rather than sending on to the main land which ensures more money in the pocket of the ibizencan and therefore encourages more locals to protect and farm their almond trees which are such an iconic emblem of Ibiza.

-        Continuing to block potential oil and gas explorations, 4 to date,  in the Balearic archipelago due to the Allianza Mar Blava, (our brain child which we seed funded), lobbying and legally challenging these proposals.

  Who/what is your inspiration? 

Al Gore is an incredibly inspiring individual; from being vice president of the USA he has now become an environmental activist leading the campaign for climate change.  
Sandra Bebeniste who manages the Ibiza Preservation Fund for us so brilliantly and tirelessly, her encyclopaedic knowledge of Balearic environmental issues knows no bounds.

If you had a magic wand and you could change anything what would you change (on the island)?  

I would ban all plastic in terms of any type of packaging, plastic bags, water bottles, plastic furniture, absolutely any plastics as they do not degrade and are so harmful to both wildlife and marine life. Not only in Ibiza but I would want my magic wand to cover the whole world!

Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted
Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted
Serena Cook Deliciously Sorted

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