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For the past few years we have heard many opinions and a lot of speculation regarding recycling on Ibiza. People wonder how does recycling works and if it works at all.
Some people say: "There is no point in recycling because it all goes into the same truck"... and others say: "the collected waste gets put in the same land fill in the end". People often choose what is the easiest for them and if they can convince themselves that the island does not recycle properly, then at least they feel less guilty.

A few weeks ago, in the beginning of December on a Sunday morning, we visited the local artesian market in San Juan, where the subject of recycling came up again after we came across a few stalls serving drinks in plastic cups. It happened to be the worse type of plastic with awful plastic straws and plastic stirring sticks...
We asked them why they didn't choose to use any bio solutions or wooden/bamboo mixers, and they replied: "Well you know in Ibiza it all goes into one truck and they mix it all anyway. So what's the point in recycling"?.

So, we decided to take all the doubters on and schedule a visit at the local recycling unit in Ibiza. Located behind the main industrial area near Ibiza town, and open to the public (you only have to pre-book your visit HERE) They organise educational tours for all local schools and pretty much anyone who wants to come and see how the recycling actually works, can. 

We met with lovely Begoña, one of the educators who works for the Ibiza Council (Consell D'Eivissa) and we asked her all the questions that we had received from our followers via social media and emails. 
We also asked Begoña if it is true that "all the waste goes into one truck" and we had a chat with Juan, a truck driver who transports waste, who was in fact very passionate about his job.
Juan told us that he gets asked a lot of ignorant questions and what he keeps repeating to everyone is: "come and see it for yourself".
We have created short video clips for you in which Begoña explains how each section works and what happens from start to finish with paper, plastic and glass until packed into different containers for transport. 
Each video is translated into english below.
Thank you Begoña, Juan and Montse for your time, for organising this visit and for letting us film and take pictures. 

Find out more about recycling in Ibiza and schedule your own visit, or school visit HERE.

recycling unit visit
recycling unit Ibiza
educadora medioambiente

We also encourage all the residents to download the mobile application called Linea Verde.
The app allows you to report a problem around you, ask questions about local environmental resources and upload photos of waste, pollution or contamination in your area.
You can find out more HERE in English, Spanish and Catalan. 

How to recycle guide Consell De Eivissa
How to recycle guide Consell De Eivissa
How to recycle guide Consell De Eivissa
Hi , I am Juan, a truck driver that collects waste for recycling, most of the time glass.
To all the people who think that all the recycle waste goes to the same container (without separating) we invite you to visit our recycling plant in Ibiza. 
Here you can see where each item goes and we will explain the process of recycling to you. 
The trucks that collect the glass from the green containers all over the island arrive here.
The glass gets unloaded at the station but as you can see not everything that comes out is glass. There are cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, large quantities of plastic bags, cans and plastic boxes. Why does this happen? It is because people did not recycle properly and have thrown items that are not glass and do not belong in the green container. 

In this area of our sorting plant the trucks collecting plastic waste from the yellow containers around the island drop everything into the green containers. All the plastic packaging gets compressed and shipped to Mallorca, where it gets cleaned and processed. 

To optimise the space of the blue paper/cardboard containers you must make sure that the boxes are folded and flattened. This way the containers have more space and won't fill up as fast as they do. 
Here at the sorting unit you can see how some of the boxes are folded correctly and some are not thus taking a lot of space. 


There is no need to wash and clean the glass, plastic bottles or the cardboard paper. Everything that we throw in the designated container gets washed later on at the recycling units. 
Recycling is about being conscientious. It is the result of every citizen working together. If you have any questions or doubts do not hesitate to contact your local town hall.
Everyone who would like to visit our sorting unit in Ibiza can visit the website of the "Consell d’Eivissa" in the section of Medioambiente (natural environment department) you can choose the link for activities to download the visiting form. After filling it in, simply drop it off at the reception of the Consell d'Eivissa.