We love island friendly businesses - Our Star

Contact us to get an "Island Friendly Star" if your business is doing at least 3 of the following listed options below.
We will schedule a date to come and interview you for our Blog and promote your business as an "Island Friendly" business. 

• Recycle plastic, glass and carton
• Recycle food waste for composting
• Choose suppliers who take back packaging for reuse
• Use Eco Straws
• Use water filter systems to avoid buying bottled water which is generally stored in plastic
• Install dual flush handle toilets and/or high-efficiency toilets
• Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and detergents
• Use paper cups, wooden spoons, bio cutlery and take-away trays (VegWare or other)
Buy locally grown products: It's an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint
• Cut back on food packaging, serving food that produces minimal packaging waste and/or comes in recycled content packaging

Eco friendly business badge Ibiza