We love Sam Swinburn - Meke Cafe

Last week we met up with Sam Swinburn, the owner of Cafés Meke Ibiza, at The Meke Roastery based near San Lorenzo village. When we got there Jaanus, one of the Meke team, was roasting fresh coffee beans and the strong yet soothing aroma hit us straight at the entrance. If you love coffee you will agree that there is something truly calming or shall we say pleasurable in the smell of freshly roasted coffee and at Meke it truly is as fresh as it gets!

Sam shows us around the roastery and talks about the coffee regions of their beans, from Ethiopia, Mexico to Indonesia, Meke beans are ethically sourced, and they also have one organic blend which smells absolutely divine. 
We sit to have a cup of Meke coffee, and we chat about Sam's love of the island and his passion for sustainable solutions. 
Meke is one of the very few businesses that truly practice what they preach. From biodegradable packaging, bio takeaway coffee cups, biodegradable straws and wooden coffee mixers to installing their own reverse osmosis water filter. 
They are also working on their own new Ibiza almond butter production, if you haven't tried it yet you simply haven't lived! 
Sam's way of living and seeing his business grow is so close to our heart. When he finally tells us why he loves Ibiza we go quiet for a moment, taking in every word he says, contemplating... We leave the roastery hoping to find more businesses like Meke, inspired by the profound love we all have for this little island we call home. 
The Meke Cafe Roastery is open for door sales, visits, meetings and coffee tastings. Book your visit HERE!

Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery

What do you love most about Ibiza?

Landing back on the island.

What made you decide to start Meke Cafe?

It was the one thing missing on the island. A good coffee roastery.

What have you accomplished in the past 12 months?

Finally we are seeing some decent coffee shops open up serving consistently good coffee around the Balearics.  
(Wild Beets, Passion San Jose, Mama Carmens (Palma), Portalon, Mambo, La Cava, La Torre)

Who/what is your inspiration? 

Craftsmen, wine masters, hard working reliable people who love what they do, any antipodean who has had to explain to an Italian how to make an espresso, La Marzocco, Nude Coffee Roasters, Caravan Coffee Roasters, Supreme Coffee, All Press, Jamie Oliver, Chris Conners, Zoran Todorovic, my Dad, my Wife, my Mum, & my Kids.

If you had a magic wand and you could change anything what would you change? 

Take all the plastic out of the Ocean and put the fish back in.

Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery
Cafes Meke Ibiza Roastery

Photography Ana Lui
Videography & editing David Escudero
Music via Music Bed
Film scans Carmencita Film Lab