This is our ultimate goal and dream. Obviously we can’t rid the island of all plastic but we have teamed up with our friends to work towards the plastic free future. 

Plastic Free Ibiza movement was born to bring awareness to the issue of plastic pollution on our island.
The following organisations are joining forces and expertise to investigate and act in a common path. Collectively we will discuss and offer easy solutions of how to replace, reduce, reuse and recycle plastic products in our homes, businesses and public institutions.
Amics de la Terra, BSplash, CNSA - Es Nàutic, CREM, Fundación Conciencia, Fundación Deixalles, Fundación Marilles, Fundación para la Conservación de Ibiza y Formentera (IPF), GEN-GOB, Ibiza Fenix, Ibiza Limpia, Love Ibiza Now, Oceanic Global, Proartso, Wastedibiza , Asociación Vellmarí (Formentera) Asociación Ondine (Mallorca) and Cleanwave (Mallorca) have all come together with a common vision.

We would like to keep Ibiza & Formentera free of plastic pollution. The coordination and first steps of the movement are supported by the Ibiza Preservation Fund (IPF) and the Marilles Foundation. Please join us and share our initiative with your friends!

Plastic Free Ibiza Ibiza Sin Plastico