Currently our small team is on the ground, knocking on doors approaching businesses to talk about how they can improve their environmental footprint. In the future we are hoping to have educational toolkits in place and an Eco Award standard where businesses are rated and rewarded on their steps towards corporate responsibility.

Starting with beach clubs and restaurants we are encouraging them to ditch plastic straws for good or have metal/paper/bamboo straws upon request. We discuss alternative options, how they can recycle and the possibility of installing water filtration systems amongst other things. Even though legislation is changing in 2020 where single use plastic will be banned, the definition of ‘single-use’ plastic is confusing and a lot of restaurants and businesses haven’t started to make changes yet...
Love Ibiza Now is campaigning hard to encourage businesses and residents to explore all the best plastic free choices. Let's ditch the plastic now and focus on reducing our waste.



  1. Go on a personal mission. Make your voice heard everywhere you go. Let’s make the use of plastic uncool. Businesses will start to listen if their customers regularly refuse straws and other pointless pieces of plastic!
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    Social Media is playing a key roll in shining light on the environmental distress our planet is in and how you can personally make a difference by making some changes in your own life.
    Like, comment and share our posts so we can drive our positive message even further.
  3. Take ACTION by re-educating yourself by reading more about how to reduce your waste.
  4. Respect our beautiful island. Whether you are on the beach or in the town.
  5. Stop using straws! SAY NO TO STRAWS!
    If you still feel you can not say goodbye to straw look into reusable options especially when your business is based on a beach! From metal/bamboo/paper to uncooked pasta, the straw substitutes are endless. 
    Simply STOP SUCKING!
  6. Install reverse osmosis water filters at home or contract local water company to set up a dispenser with reusable water bottles (plastic or glass).
    A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every M I N U T E and the number will jump another 20% by 2021, creating an environmental crisis some campaigners predict will be as serious as climate change.
  7. Take short showers with decreased water flow, turn the tap off while shaving and brushing teeth and while you wait for hot water you can collect the water and water the plants.

  8. Watch Gemma Bowman, rental villa owner, sharing her experience with us HERE.
  9. Recycle!!!
    If there are no containers around your venue call the local Ayuntamiento and ask them for more bins.
    Invest in a comfortably sized bin to separate your waste, remember you can get recycling bins FREE of charge at the Consell of Eivissa - third floor.
    Apart from paper, plastic and glass containers it's great to have an organic (compostable) one, especially if you have a big garden! Look into composting. It's so fun and rewarding! 
    Have a look at the Consell D'Eivissa's pamphlet HERE also available in English at the reception of Consell's Medioambiente office.
  10. Respect our beaches, make sure you take away all the rubbish you produce on the beach and recycle.
    If you see other hazardous waste then take it with you and dispose of it properly.
    Do not use the beach as a giant ashtray.
    Cigarette Butts are made of plastic and are toxic hazardous waste to marine and wildlife.

  11. Take care when anchoring in bays if you are on the water. Only anchor over sand.
    The dark patches under the water are Posidonia Oceanica prairies and the number 1 habitat for marine life like seahorses. The seagrass filters and purifies the water giving us our turquoise waters we know and love. Uncontrolled boat anchoring , pollution and coastal construction  have already wiped out thousands of square meters of it. Being over 100,000 years old and a UNESCO world heritage site it’s regeneration can take hundreds of years. Happily the government introduced a law in 2018 to give on the spot fines to anyone who is seen or reported flaunting these rules.